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A full day at Taj Mahal is required if you want to seize, all the aspects of the magnificent splendor of the mausoleum. The large number of tourists, who visit the Taj Mahal shows that even after so many centuries, the tombstone has the power to draw tourists from across the world. It is believed that the Taj looks most beautiful, during early morning when, it is bathed in the gentle red flame of the rising sun and covered in mists. The minute the vast marble surfaces of the Taj Mahal plunge into shade or reflect the sun, its color changes from soft grey and yellow, to gleaming cream and wonderful white. To watch this amazing spectacle, it is worthwhile to visit the tomb, at different times of the day. This play of light is a vital ornamental device, which symbolically implies the existence of Allah, who is never characterized in anthropomorphic structure.

Taj Mahal throughout Daytime

The Taj shows, at different points of time, a different feature of its magnificence. If you look at the Taj Mahal during dawn, the sight of subtle pinks, flooding the mausoleum will be engraved in your mind forever. The mausoleum shines, with an breathtaking splendor, when the glittering sunlight falls on it during daytime.

Taj Mahal at Sunset

During twilight, the rays of the sun that fall on the Taj Mahal, bath it in a striking shade of orange. However, nothing comes close to the poignant attractiveness of the Taj, witnessed when the cool white marble is soaked, in the moon’s calm soft silver light.

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