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The Splendid Creation Has Shown The Symbol Of Love And Fertility To The World:

Taj Mahal is not only the pride of Agra, but it is also the pride of the world. Taj Mahal has been awarded with the honor of being one of the world's seven wonders. It is symbol of love, not only for the Indians; but also for the whole world. Throughout the world, the Taj Mahal is known as a symbol of love. It is also known as the "ornament of the palace". This tomb is erected in the Agra; showing the best piece of creation.

Taj Mahal is built in the year 1631. It was built by the emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. She died while giving the birth to a child of emperor. Shah Jahan has asked the best architects to design the monument that has power to show the world about his fertility and love. Italian, Persian and Frenchman were the three architects that have created the master piece. Though, the Non-Muslims have designed the tomb, but they have completely focused over the Mohammedan style of architecture. The other skilled artists have been especially called from the Constantinople, Baghdad and other Muslim hubs. This master piece has been created in 22 years and with the help of 20,000 work forces.

Taj Mahal is a building that has been created over the marble platform and it has been accompanied by the splendid mosques and auspicious minarets. The Taj Mahal is being surrounded by the spacious garden that contains water pools. The building is having the complex figure with the twelve sides. The each corner of Mahal is being surrounded by the slender minarets. The whole creation is being made by the marbles, costly stones and the precious metals. The white marbles have been gifted by the Mahraja of Jaipur. The main entrance of the Mahal is being made with the solid silver gates. These splendid gates welcome the visitors towards the "garden of paradise". The cost of the building is $200,000,000, in today's currency.

Emperor Shah has planned to build this precious master piece in front of the Agra fort. This place is located on the bank of the river Yamuna. The enigmatic charm and unspoken beauty of the place can be seen in the presence of white clouds rising from the ground. It is the clear symbol of romance and bonding. The concept of dedication, to his beloved wife, is the clear picture love. The emperor has selected the place very carefully and has created it as Allah heaven over the earth. The Taj Mahal is being created in a manner that its reflection can be seen in the silver water of the river Yamuna.

The Taj Mahal is the tribute to the unwatchable beauty and love. It has been created with the fascinating Char Bagh Gardens. These gardens add feminine grace to the complex structure of the building. The concept of this Char Bagh Garden has been derived from the religious belief from the holy Quran. The four rivers of milk, wine, water and honey are the parts of Allah garden's Heaven; similarly these four gardens are indicating the same creation. Shah Jahan has created that dream with the white marbles that are indicating the comparison with the paradisaical garden of Allah. The creation of Char Bahg garden is simply the mind blowing gateway. These gardens are surrounding almost 300 meters of the Taj Mahal. Another amazing fact about the creation of the Taj Mahal is the water channels end. This ornamented water channel ends at the mosque and the guest house or naqqar khana that has been created in the vicinity of the Mahal. The fourth end of the Mahal has splendid and massive sandstone darwaza that is the main entrance of Taj Mahal.

The complete panorama is so marvelous that the world surely feels jealous of India, from having such a symbol of love and beauty of creation. The artistic design has power to catch the eye of the world and fill the hearts with the magic of love. It is surely a symbol that can make any one feel breathless and make him or her shout simply WOW!! India is surely so lucky to have the master piece; which is appreciated by all people of the world.

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