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Agra is famous for many things, right from grand monuments to fine display of traditions and handicraft. This variety in offering makes Agra an ideal place for tourists as they can shop, watch and enjoy the beautiful weather. One can find many shops, traditional as well as modern offering like various hand-crafted goods and antique souvenirs.

Formerly Agra was the capital and thus center of power in Mughal Empire. Many people, both noble and normal, used to live in this city. For example King's wives, artists, noblemen and so on would find the shelter in this city. The Bazaars of Agra were always full with various goods and commodities offered by craftsmen coming at Agra to offer their finest and well-crafted goods in turn of some other benefits.

Many expert craftsmen and artists like carpet makers, artisans, jewelers, metal workers, embroiderers, sculptors, musicians,painters and weavers came to Agra in what is considered to be the golden period of Mughal realm to offer their contribution towards society in building and creating various things as well as services. Noor Jahan, the queen was believed to have a great interest in textiles as well as in needle work. She engaged many women for sewing and embroidering the royal robes for king and his men. Even one can find many families of such craftsmen passing their knowledge to their next generation to keep their art alive.

Marble work was another kind of work for which Agra was renowned. The marble work can also be seen in Taj Mahal. Agra was also famous for some other kind of work like leather work for creating products like Bags, Belts, Shoes and many such things, carpet and rug making which involved craftsmen so noble and expert;it was said that they had learn their art from some Persian rug makers few generations ago, brassware which means creation of various metal based artifacts.

Agra was also known for its Mughal cookery like a sweet called Petha and a snack, Dalmoth. Even today tourist can learn and enjoy making these recipes in Agra, who wish to do so.

There are three Bazaars for tourists who wish to do a bit of shopping, viz. Sadar Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar and Munro Road. If you want to purchase many things under single roof, you can visit the U.P. State Emporium called Gangotri at Taj Mahal Complex. in any condition try not to miss the opportunity to visit this place as this place offers some great hand-crafted work along with good variety of marbles, leather items, rugs, textiles and brass ware. Some other venues offering similar things are Shilp Agram village, UPICA at M.G. Road and U.P. Hand looms.

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