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Taj Mahotsav

Taj Mahotsav is a very famous cultural festival of Agra, celebrated annually at Shilpgram, for ten days during February. Shilpgram or crafts village is the venue which is really close to Tajmahal. Taj festival begins with a Mughal majesty inspired spectacular procession. The procession restores the magnificent past of Mughals with elephants, folk artists, camels, master craftsmen and drum beaters. Wide display of crafts and arts is seen at festival. The fair depicts the culture and tradition of India through arts and crafts. Large number of artists displays their talent in dance and songs through by performing. Ghazals and Mushairas are performed by renowned artists from India. Elephant and camel riding attracts kids and elders alike. Luring stalls present at the fair provides visitors a chance to taste traditional Indian delicacies. This bright celebration welcomes the spring with dance, music, arts, crafts, traditional indian cuisine and cultural display.

Taj Mahotsav is conducted to increase tourism in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh tourism arranges this festival as it lures tourists and provides them an opportunity to understand wealthy heritage of India. Master craftsman of india in various fields like arts and crafts perform at the venue. Foreigners are acquainted with the finesse of fine arts of India. The commencing procession includes drum beaters, bedecked and decorated elephants, richly adorned camels and folk artists. At Taj Mahotsav one can view the Saharanpur wood carvings, marble inlay work, Moradabad brass wares, Badohi handmade carpets, blue pottery of Khurja, Lucknow chicken work and Banaras silk at one place. Food fair and crafts fair both are very attractive. Folk dances of Uttar Pradesh like Dundelkhand and 'Nautanki', Rajastan’s ‘Sapera’ dance, snake charmers dance of Lavani in Maharashtra are all performed at the venue and these captures attention of tourists.

Bateshwar Fair

Bateshwar fair is a major celebration of India. The festival is conducted every year at Bateshwar, 70 Kms from Agra. It is carried out at a place situated on the banks of Yamuna and is named after Bateshwar Mahadeo who is regarded as the presiding god of this region.

Bateshwar fair is cultural event and an occasion for Hindus from various parts of india to meet together. People come to Bateshwar fair in large groups and offer prayers to Lord Shiva by taking a bath in the holy river Yamuna. Bateshwar boasts 108 Hindu temples of various goddesses and gods and hence is an imperative cultural and religious centre of Hindus. Bateshwar fair is organized for a month during October or November as an honor to Lord Shiva. Devotees coming to fair for contributing Livestock and Cattle fair which is famous in near by areas and also to take holy bath in River Yamuna.

Kailash fair

Festivals are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in India. Kailash fair is one such event organized at Kailash temple which is located at 12Kms from Agra. The festival is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva during the months of August and September. The fair is to memorize the appearance of Lord Shiva in the form of stone Lingam. Devotees from all nearby areas come to this fair which is conducted during monsoon season.

Visiting Agra during this time will provide you a chance to become part of some of the most renounced fairs in india along with a view of one of the seven wonders in the world. You can enjoy the fairs as well as unreserved happiness it offers. Kailash fair is one among such celebration which will certainly make any one happy. This fair is in tribute to Lord Shiva. According to anecdotes, it was in Kailash that Lord Shiva appeared in the form of stone lingam. Hindus who follow Shiva memorizes this event by visiting Shiva temple and offer prayers to him. They also contribute in the amusement and happiness of fair. Kailash fair provides a great opportunity for Hindus to gather and offer prayers to the deity they worship. As the crowd is large there is great cheer at the fair. Kailash fair is a visual delight with great crowd of people with colorful dresses, great happiness reflecting on their faces and various shops.

Rambarat fair

Rambarat fair is organized before Dussehra in memory of staging life of Sri Ram. The celebration takes place in Agra every year. Extra ordinary marriage parade that takes place at fair depicts the story of Rama which is considered as a part of Ramlila and ends with killing of Ravana by Rama on the day of Dussehra. As a part of celebrations, a special palace is arranged at a particular place which is considered as ‘Janakpuri’ or the citadel of Raja Janak, father of goddess Sita. ‘Jhankis’ of deities is yet another specialty of this festival. Thousands of Hindus take part in this festival to watch the fair and royal wedding of godly deities. Lala Channomalji ki Baradari is considered as Janakpuri from where the parade starts and passes around town. Brothers of Ram mount on elephant while Ram mounts on a special chariot decorated with silver leaves. Heavy and beautifully crafted head gears are used for the fair. Adolescent boys do the role of female characters of drama played along the parade. The whole procession is followed by people who stay awake throughout whole night.

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