Q1. What is a Photo Tour Operator?

Ans. A team of professional photographers as well as experienced photographic and tourism associations. Such association or organization not only has experience in photography and tourism, but has skills of training and guiding photographic travel groups as well as photographic workshops. Hence, we can say that the it is a combination of talented and experienced experts in photography and tourism as well.

Q2. Who may take part here?

Ans.  There is no special type of quality or eligibility is needed to get into the precise field. Some people have wrong views that photography needs a lot of talents and experiences whereas a few people think that a number of photographic equipments are need there. But, the truth is that anyone who is keen to learn and extremely interested in this field can take part here.

Q3. Where may be the locations?

Ans.  The best part of the Photo Tour is that it has a wide range of diversity such as wild life, birds sanctuaries, trekking, fish and water adventures, national parks, cultural tours, city tours etc. hence you can understand that there is no particular location of photo tour. We usually take the people to the most inspiring and favorable locations in India. Hence, you can expect a memorable and incredible photographic tour with us.

Q4. Do you provide tours outside India?

Ans.  Right now, our Photo Tour service is only limited to India. But, it may be extended out of India in future. So, if you are interested to see and catch the natural beauties of India, then you are most welcome to the travelandclick.com.

Q5. What types of instructions you offer?

Ans.  Basically, we let the people know about the actual techniques of professional photography. There are a number of things that a person needs to know before he can capture a picture in an expert way. Our training program lets you learn a lot about Photo Tour and the right method of taking photos of nature. Mainly our aim is to make everyone a improved photographer. 

Q6. How much you charge?

Ans.  It varies tour to tour and for that reason it is not possible to state any figure approximately. But, one thing we can assure you that we provide the best price for you. In fact, our price is so reasonable that anyone can afford it easily. Hence, here you do have to be worry about the price. For more details regarding price, you please contact with us.

Q7. Do you provide good quality services?

Ans.  Services are the main part of our organization and for that reason we never compromise with the quality of services. We do not offer good services ;-), because we provide the premium best services. So, the quality of our services will be undoubtedly supreme. 

Q8. Which are the seasons of your photo tour?

Ans.  Usually, we arrange photo tour throughout the entire year. However, a few certain seasons are there as well. Overall, you can expect service from us whenever you would like. For more details please contact us.

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