India is one of the most pleasing destinations for photo tour. Mostly, the national parks of the country are the most significant locations for a photo shoot. If you are making a plan to go for a photo tour then the Great Himalayan National Park can be an excellent choice. The park is located at Kullu, in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the newest national parks in India.

The Great Himalayan National Park extends more than an area of 1170 square kilometers which lies between 1500 to 6000 m altitudes. The park is a home to over 375 fauna species which includes just about 181 birds, 3 reptiles, 127 insects, 11 annelids, 9 amphibians, 17 mollusks and 31 mammals. The park is protected under the ‘Wildlife Protection Act of 1972’. For that reason, hunting is completely not allowed here.  Numerous visitors as well as photographers come to this amazing park every year.


Distinguished mammals are there in the Great Himalayan National Park. Himalayan Thar, Serow, Goral, Yellow Throated Marten, Indian Pika, Bharal, Himalayan Black, Musk Deer, Giant Indian Flying Squirrel, Brown Bear, Red Fox, Leopard, Himalayan Palm Civet, and Snow Leopard are some of those.  So, you can see that a lot of animals are there to see and take pleasure.

You may also see there more than 200 bird species,such as Himalayan Koklass, Monal, Khaleej Pheasant and the Western Tragopan. Apart from that Rufous Breasted Accentor, Black and Yellow Grosbeak, White Collared Black Bird, Red-billed Chough, Spotted Nutcracker, Eurasian Hobby, Lammergeier and Himalayan Griffon are also found here.



The Great Himalayan National Park comprises widespread forest cover with plentiful tree species such as Coniferous, Chir Pine and mixed deciduous woods.

Important Info of the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) :

  • State of the national park : Himachal Pradesh

  • Area of the national park : Just about 1171 square kilometers

  • Vegetation of the national park : Alpine field as well as Temperate

  • Water resources of the national park : Jiwa, Sanj and Tirthan river and numerous snowfed streams

  • Altitude of the national park : 1300 to 5805 m

  • Monsoon in the national park : August to September

  • Summer in the national park : June to August

  • Winter in the national park : October to February

  • Temperature of the national park : 0°C to 30 0°C

  • Rainfall in the national park : 1500 mm

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