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Gwalior, city that is also known as Sindia, is located around 118 Kms from Agra. The city is famous for its fort. This mighty structure has been major tourists’ attractions since decades. Located in Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior is house for many other forts and other attractions.

City holds great importance in glorious past of India. It is ancient seat of one of most followed religion in india, Jainism. The fort is a symbol of great Hindu architecture of that time. The city is popularized by Hindu architectural and cultural symbols.

Gwalior is well connected through air, road and train and is one of most visited places in india. It had seen many rulers in the past including Tomras, Marathas and Marwas. City not only has cultural but musical past. Tansen, one of the great musician and singer of Akbar’s empire has his roots in Gwalior.

Tour from Agra to Gwalior includes breathtaking locations in Gwalior. City holds many tourist attractions that are always populated with visitors all round the world. The popular attractions in Gwalior includes.

  • Gwalior Fort

  • Gujari Mahal

  • Man Mandir Palace

  • Gurudwara Datta Mandir Chhod

  • Gopchal Parvat

  • Museum and much more

in the memories of great personality Tansen, three days Tansen program is organized every year. Locals participate in this program to entertain residents as well as visitors. This city is most important part of Agra tour.

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