Hemis National Park is one of the most stunning national parks in India and it is renowned as the Hemis High Altitude National Park as well. The park was established in 1981. It is located northern most regions of Ladakh and positioned at the north of Himalayans and it spreads out more than 3350 square kilometers. It is a park of a large number of species of mammals. Snow Leopard is one of the most popular attractions of Hemis National Park. 

The Hemis High Altitude National Park is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and surrounded by the banks of the Indus River on the north. It comprises the Sumdah, Markha and Rumbak. So, it can be an ideal location for photo tour. Here are more than 73 bird species and just about 20 mammalian species. A big number of Tibetans and Buddhists inhabitants are there and it makes the park most adventurous for having a photo tour. 


Hemis National Park is mostly famous for the Snow Leopards. But apart from that a large number of birds and mammals are also found in the precise park. Wild Dog, Tibetan Wild Ass or Kiang, Wolf, Blue Sheep or Bharal, Pallas's Cat, Himalayan marmots, Lynx, Wooly Hare, Tibetan argali, and Mouse Hare or Pika are some of those.

Chukar partridge, Himalayan Snowcock, Accentor Robin, Brown and White throated Dipper, Spotted Forktail, Red mantled, Streaked Rose finch, Great Nose, Red-flanked Bluetail are some of the most beautiful birds found in the Hemis National park. A number of raptors like Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, and Himalayan Griffon are also there in the park.


The park is in the rain shadow of the Himalayans and the plants of Hemis are mostly alpine and steppe with patchy forests. So, you can expect long grassland here.

Important Info of the Hemis National Park:

  • State of the national park : Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Area of the national park : Approximately 3350 square kilometers

  • Water resources of the national park : Markha, Zanskar river, Sundha nalas and Rumbak

  • Vegetation of the national park : Alpine and mixed combinations

  • Altitude of the national park : 3500 to 6933 m

  • Monsoon in the national park : Seasonal

  • Summer in the national park : March to June

  • Winter in the national park : October to April

  • Temperature of the national park : -20°C - 30°C

  • Rainfall in the national park : 160.5 mm

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