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The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan ruled between 1628 and 1658. in 1612 A.D., he got married to Arjumand Banu Begum. She was so precious to him that Shah Jahan changed her name to Mumtaz Mahal, which meant Crown of the Palace. Both of them had 14 children and she accompanied him all over, even on the battlefield.

in one of the battles, Mumtaz Mahal went along with Shah Jahn to Burhanpur in Central india, where she died due to complications, while giving birth to their last child. Before dying her last wish to Shah Jahan was that, he should build a tomb in her memory, which would be so magnificent that the world had never seen. Therefore, the idea of the Taj Mahal began with the sad end of Mumtaz Mahal.

By constructing the Taj, Shah Jahan fulfilled his wife’s last wish. It took 22 years to complete the Taj in which worked continuously, a labor force of 20,000 workers, all of whom were guided by the Persian architect Ustad Ahmad Lahauri and chief mason Muhammed Hanif. The Taj Mahal was completed in 1648, at the cost of 32 million rupees, paid from Mughal revenue. in the praise of Taj, the poet Sir Edwin Arnold has stated that although buildings are pieces of architecture but the Taj is not as it is the symbol of the great love of an emperor, which has been shaped into living stones.

Shah Jahan spent the last years of his life, under house arrest in the Agra Fort, as his son Aurangzeb imprisoned him. Shah Jahan used to pass his time, by staring across the River Yamuna at the splendid tomb; he had constructed for his wife and waited for the day, when they would be reunited once more. Throughout his last days in 1666, his last wish was to be kept at the window, which faced the Taj so that he could look at it and murmur, the name of his beloved. After his death in 1666 A.D., Shah Jahan’s tomb was positioned next to his lifelong love. Their genuine tombs are kept in a crypt, inside the Taj. On the ground floor, the two abundantly adorned tombs, which the dome of the Taj Mahal shelters is piece of the beautiful design of this monument. Thus, the story behind the Taj Mahal shows, the dedicated love of a Mughal emperor for his beloved.

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