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Mathura is renowned as birth place of Lord Krishna. It is located around 58 Kms from Agra. Other name of Mathura is Braj bhoomi, which is one of the few sacred places in india. Its holiness lies in the past when Lord Krishna, one of most influential deity in Hinduism, spent most of his childhood and last few years in Mathura. And most probably that is the reason why city has thousands of impressions of this glorious past no matter where you go. Out of all other symbols, Shri Krishna Janma bhoomi temple is most sacred place of this craft center of india.

To spend a day in Mathura is never boredom, thanks to hundreds of tourists’ attractions. Formerly, Mathura was a Buddhist center but glorious days of Lord Krishna has made this place home for many temples, which includes Dwara kadhish Temple and other important places like Potara Kund,, Katra Masjid, Qans Kila, Sati Burj and Vishram Ghat.

Mathura has history stretching back to many generations and that is the reason why it has experienced spirituality of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. People of all three religions have their sacred destinations and in this city. To visit the cultural and spiritual side of the city, tourists can take part in Mathura with Agra Tours. Apart from temples, major attractions in Mathura include Mathura School of Art and Archaeological Museum. India's one of the expert craftsmen is available in Mathura, which has made it famous for its handicrafts and artifacts. The tour includes visiting these holy places along with Agra.

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