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Mysore is one of most popular travel destinations in Karnataka as well as in India. In fact, this is the second largest city of the state. It is a city of gardens, palaces, shady avenues and holy temples and keeps a number of the attractions. Dussehra is the most significant event that is celebrated in Mysore in large way. It is an event of ten days celebration and a lot of travelers take part in it. A lot of things are there to see and do in Mysore. Let’s check it out.

Mysore Palace is one of the most renowned attractions of the city. It is a huge palace and it looks bright yellow in night. In fact, the night view of the palace is just amazing. But, you need to have an entrance ticket to get in the palace. It charges Rs. 20 for Indians and Rs.200 for the foreigners. Brindavan Garden is another most beautiful travel spot in the city. As it sounds, it has a wonderful and huge garden. Chamundi Hills, Jagmohan Art Gallery and Palace, Mysore Zoo, Lalit Mahal Palace, Karanji Kere, St. Philomenas Church, Jaya lakshmi villas mansion, Datta Peetham and Happy Man Park are some of famous sites to visit in Mysore.

There are a lot of museums such as National Museum on Natural History, Rail Museum, Folk Art Museum, Melody World and Oriental Research Institute. Many educational and research institutes are like Mysore University, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Central Food and Technological Research Institute,All India Institute of Speech and Hearing. So, you can realize that a number of educational sites are there to visit in Mysore.

Bisibele Baath is one of the best dishes in Mysore and it is made of rice and it is very spicy. Apart from that, a number of dishes are there like Raagi and Akki Rotis, Idli Sambar, Raagi Mudde and Masala Poori. If you would like to taste the best Mysore foods then must go to the best city restaurants such as Hotel Mylari, Hotel Govardhan, Bombay Indra Bhavan, Shilpashri Rooftop Restaurant, Khatta Metta etc.  You do not have to worry at all regarding the accommodation in the city. Various kinds of hotels are there to serve you the best quality accommodation. Hotel Sandesh Prince, Hotel Royal Orchid, Royal Inn and Hotel Sandesh Prince, Hotel Royal Orchid, Royal Inn and Hotel Peridotinn are some of luxurious hotels in Mysore.

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