You must not forget the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala if you are planning for a photo tour in India,. This is a national park as well as the topmost tiger reserve in India. It is well-known for the tigers mainly. The park was established in 1982 in Pathanamthitta Districts of Kerala. It extends out more than 925 square kilometers. Lots of photographers come to the tiger reserve every year to see its most enjoyable beauties.

Mostly the park is well-liked for the tigers and for that reason a lot of researchers also come here every year. The Periyar Tiger Reserve takes the foremost position while it comes to list out the most tiger reserve in India. Actually this is the leading tiger reserve in the country. Hence, there is no hesitation that the exact park can be an outstanding photo tour destination in India. According to the administrator survey report, the park has a large number of species of mammals.


Tigers and leopards are the foremost attractions of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Aside from that while Bonnet Macaque, Gaur, Tahr, Aquatic lake shore belt, Mouse Deer, Nilgiri Langur, Barking Deer and Sambar are found in the forest as well.

A number of gorgeous birds are also there in the reserve. Blyth's Pipit, Pompadour Green Pigeon,  White-rumped Munia, Blue eared Kingfisher, Greater Painted Snipe, Black and Orange Flycatcher, winter visitors, Long-billed Leaf Warbler are some of those nice birds in Periyar Tiger Reserve. For that reason, the importance of the precise national park in Kerala cannot be ignored at all.


The national park has green environment and has plants like Cullenia exarillata, Vateria indica, Hopea parviflora, Artocarpus hirsutus, Canarium strictum etc. Overall, it can be said the precise national park or tiger reserve is quite deep forest.

Important Info of the Periyar Tiger Reserve:

  • State of the national park : Kerala

  • Area of the national park : Just about 777 square kilometers

  • Vegetation of the national park : Tropical dry floras

  • Water resources of the national park : Mainly moist deciduous

  • Altitude of the national park : 100 to 2016 m

  • Monsoon in the national park : May to September

  • Summer in the national park : April to May

  • Winter in the national park : December to January

  • Temperature of the national park : 15°C to 31 0°C

  • Rainfall in the national park : 2500 mm

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