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Pushkar is one of the sacred towns in India which is located to the North West of Ajmer.It is connected by air, road and railways. Ajmer is a place which has enormous history, mythology and religion.It is believed to bring salvation by bathing in the waters of Pushkar and worshiping at the temple.

There are various temples, palaces and 52 ghats surrounding the lake.The word Pushkar means the lotus flower. Lotus is believed to be the seat of Brahma who is worshipped as the maker of this world. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma was supposed to perform yagna. The gods released a swan carrying lotus in its beak. The places where the petal fell, a lake sprung up called Pushkar.The water from all the three of the areas and the creator called all the three as Pushkar differentiating them as Jyestha, Madhya and Kanishtha.

There are various tourist attractions in Pushkar. Pushkar fair is one of the famous fairs in Asia which is held during the month of November. It occurs during the Karthik Purnima every year where pilgrims all over the world take a dip in the waters especially during Purnima which is believed to bestow special blessings.The cattle fair which is held during this time, where various animals like horses and camels are purchased and sold. It is visited by people from various parts of the country. Other tourist attractions include Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Mahadeva Temple, Varah Temple, Ramavaikunth Temple and various others.

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