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Being one of the five principal places of Hindu pilgrimages, Pushkar is considered to be a religious and cultural town. This is due to the fact that the only temple, which is dedicated to Lord Brahma named Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Temple, is located at Pushkar. In the town is also situated the Pushkar Lake, which people consider to be sacred and believe that taking dips in the holy water would bestow salvation upon them. Religion is an integral part of the lives of the people of Pushkar and the main religion that is practiced here is Hinduism. The essence of Pushkar culture is reflected in the language, traditions, and religious practices, followed by the people of the town.

Pushkar culture is best seen and experienced during the Pushkar Fair, which is held at the time of Karthik Purnima, in November.The small town of Pushkar becomes colorful and vibrant during the days of the fair. The food, people, shops, sadhus, the whole atmosphere becomes an embodiment of Pushkar culture. The people of Pushkar dress in vibrant clothes, which helps to add another dimension to the fair as men can be seen dressed in kurta, dhoti and large turbans while the women folk wear ghagra and choli. During the fair, Pushkar becomes the host of cultural activities as performers from all across the state, come to display their vibrant and vast cultural heritage. The artists leave the audiences, which come from all over the world, spell bound with their amazing skills. Be it the folk singers or fire dances, all of them have their own charm, which leaves the audience enthralled. Auctions, bazaars, sports, and music are highlight of the Pushkar Fair, where tourists can be seen buying some of the most exquisite handcrafted items of Rajasthan.

The trading in camels is the highlight of the Pushkar Fair where horse, camel, and donkey race events are also held and greatly appreciated by the audience. Another favorite activity in the Pushkar Fair is body tattooing as many men and women can be seen getting tattoo on their hands or other parts of the body. Evenings at the Pushkar Fair are mesmerizing as the silent nights are pierced by the haunting ballads sung by artists in passionate tones. Folk dance, dramas, and skits are also organized for the entertainment of the tourists. Hence, Pushkar culture can best be seen by visiting the place and attending, the vibrant and colorful fair.

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