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Ajmer, Roopangarh, Kishangarh, Kuchaman, and Sambhar are some of the well-known excursions places at Pushkar. No one can complete excursion of Pushkar without a visiting sacred city of Ajmer. Located just 11 km away from Pushkar, Ajmer sports the famous Dargah of the Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti, a Sufi Saint. It is a shrine, which is worshiped by both Muslims and Hindus. Apart from that the other major tourist attractions in Ajmer include the Adhai Din kaJhonpra, Nasiyan Temple, and the Ana Sagar Lake.

Another popular Pushkar excursion is Roopangarh Fort, which was built in 1648 by Kishangarh‘s Maharaja Roop Singh. The Roopangarh fort is surrounded by beautiful architecture and centuries old traditions. Its royal armories, medieval stone granaries, formidable battlements, and jails are sure to leave the tourists mesmerized.

Kishangarh is also one of the famous excursions from Pushkar, which is mainly renowned for its miniature paintings that are popularly known as BaniThani. Apart from paintings, the other main attractions of Kishangarh are its fort and the Phool Mahal Palace. Another famous Pushkar excursion is Kuchaman, which is well known for its splendid Kuchaman fort that was constructed by the Gujjar Pratihara dynasty. In Kuchaman is also located the LokDev Temple, which contains some stunningly beautiful paintings of LokDevtas such as Baba Ram Dev, Sant Gogaji, Sant Kabir, Khawaja Moin-ud-din Chisti, and Guru Nanak.

Sambhar Lake is another beautiful place, to go for an excursion near Pushkar. The lake has been declared, as a wetland of international importance and is also considered, to a bird watcher’s paradise. This is due to the fact that the lake is home, to around 140 types of birds, including land birds. Thus, it can be seen that apart from visiting, the various sights in Pushkar there are many places nearby, where tourists can go for excursions and enjoy.

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