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The Agra city is world renowned, not just for the Taj Mahal but also for its traditional handicrafts and arts. During their visit to the city, tourists can enjoy and shop for Agra has traditional and modern markets. While for centuries, the traditional markets have been in operation, the modern shopping complexes mostly the state emporiums offer tourists, antique mementos to wonderful items.

It is said that the queen Noor Jahan was enthusiastic about textiles and needlework and therefore, employed numerous women seamstresses, who embroidered the Emperor and his courtiers’ magnificent robes. Even today, in the numerous by lanes of the city of Agra, one can find the genetic artisans, who pass on their expertise from one generation to another. By shopping in Agra, travelers get satisfaction and pleasure from the fact that the fine crafts, which once only the royalty could get hold of are now, easily available to everyone.

The city of Agra is world famous for its various exceptional works such as the marble work that includes the inlay work, as seen within the Taj Mahal and leatherwork, which consists of several products such as belts, bags, shoes, and many more. Apart from these works, Agra is also famous for its carpets and rugs, which are woven by professional artisans, who are in hold of the carpet weaving secrets trained generations ago by the rug makers from Persia. in Agra, brassware work is also popular that consist of artifact such as hookah bases and tourists, who desire to acquire an oriental souvenir, buy this item. This is not all, as Agra is also famous for its Mughlai cuisine, Petha a sweet, and dalmoth, which is a salty snack. Thus, while shopping to their hearts fill, tourists can take pleasure in the various mouth watering cooking delights that the Agra city has to offer.

The main markets for shopping in the city of Agra are located close to the Taj Mahal compound and include areas such as Kinari Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, and Munro Road. inside the Taj Mahal compound is the U.P State Emporium named Gangotri, which presents a wide collection of handicrafts, all below one roof. This emporium is a must visit place for tourists, as it has several varieties of brassware, marble, textiles, rugs, and leather items at affordable prices.

Another place, which is good to shop for souvenirs, is the UPICA situated at Sanjay Place on M.G. Road. At the ShilpAgram crafts village U.P Handlooms, tourists can buy from the wide variety of handicrafts that are on display. Apart from shopping for traditional handicrafts in Agra, tourists should always take back home, a box of paethas which is a type of sweet dish for which, the city is world-renowned. Therefore, while on a visit to Agra, the tourists should not restrict themselves in just exploring, the magnificent monuments but also shop and take home with them the traditional handicrafts and sweets, which will help them to remember that they had once been, to the beautiful city of Agra.

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