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Many complements have been stated in honor of Taj Mahal by tourists and experts all over the world. While some have acknowledged and praised its beauty, others have uncovered the stories behind history of this marble wonder. Some of the best quotations are:

in awe of the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan stated in the Badshah Name that by looking at the marble mansion, sighs are generated, which even make Sun and Moon shed tears. He also said that the Taj has been made on earth, to display the Creator's splendor.

A French man named Bernier said in 1670 that in the Taj, Mullahs were kept who read the Koran with dedication on a continuous basis. Further, he said that once in a year, it was opened with much ritual and no Christian was allowed to enter the Taj, so that its purity would not be destroyed.

in 1783, the British origin painter Hodges said that the Taj appears like a faultless pearl on a navy ground and such an effect, from any piece of art, he has never felt.

When the British captured india, thoughts towards the Taj Mahal changed and from a memorial, it was turned into a resort. The gardens became the meeting point of Englishmen and their lovers, the terrace their dance floor while; the Mosque and Jawab became pleasure places for honeymooners.

Wife of the then British officer, Colonel Sleeman has written that she cannot express what she thinks, as she cannot censure such a building. However, she says that she can tell what she experiences, which is she was ready to die the next day in order to have such a tomb built for her.

An American writer Bayard Taylor has said the Taj looks like a citadel, which has been brought down and fixed to earth.

The British Governor Lord Curzon, who is said to have saved the Taj from harm is believed to have delivered a message, while standing on terrace of tombstone that in case he has not done anything else while in india, he has got his name written on the Taj, which will remain forever.

The best saying has come from indian poet Rabindranath Tagore that we know about Shah Jahan’s life, wealth and glory, which flow away with time. Hence, we should always try to continue only the mourning of the heart. Therefore, we should let the glory of ruby, pearl, and diamonds disappear. instead, only allow this one tear, the Taj, to sparkle clearly on the course of time, eternally.

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