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The main gateway of the magnificently beautiful Taj Mahal displays, important Hindu motifs and is an extra feature, just as are the tomb room and dome. It is a strikingly tall doorway, half in height of the entire Taj and is ogival arch shaped. The main gateway has perpendicular proportion and as a total, it is similar to Taj. On top of the sloping sides of the niche are intertwined vines, flowers, and leaves, which are created by semi-precious stones that are in marble inlaid, the majority, being the flowers of red lotus. The gateway is bordered with black stone in which, Arabic verses from the Quran are inscribed. At the pointed tip of the niche is located, the picture of a white teardrop on which, is a red trident. When it was being constructed, this frontal doorway served as the main entry into the Taj.

The importance of the gateway arises from its utility and size, when judged against the entire structure. The reality that the vines, flowers, and leaves inscribed on top of the sloping sides of the niche are idealized and twisting rather than geometric, point to the truth that they have had on them, a Hindu influence. The bulk of the flowers are red lotus, which is a Hindu religion pattern that represents the Creator, Brahma. Further, the white teardrop enclosing a red trident is present in majority of the Hindu temples, as it is a symbol of Lord Shiva. in the front gateway and other parts of the structure of the Taj, the presence of the Hindu patterns, suggest that it is both a Hindu as well as an Islamic mausoleum. There are other divisions of the Taj Mahal, which also have Hindu subject including the dome and tomb room. The Hindu and Islamic themes mixture has helped, to make the Taj, look splendid.

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