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There are buildings made of red stonework on both sides of the Taj Mahal. The one on the western side is a Mosque, which was used for appeal and looks towards Mecca. Prior to having a seem at the mosque, notice should be taken of a little stone attached along the western border partition, where the well of the Mosque is located. This construction, which is green in color measures 19 ft. by 6.5 ft. and is the location where the remains of Mumtaz Mahal, when transported to Agra were first deposited. From this temporary serious, they were transferred to their present place of rest, in the tomb.  


The Mosque’s exterior has pietra dura effort. in the front of the Mosque there is a stage made of red brickwork, which has a extremely polished little marble quantity fixed on it, in such a way that it proceeds, as a reflect as one can observe, the Taj  mirrored in it. The ground is made of a fabric that is extremely fine, shows silky red in shade, and has 539 request carpets that have been tidily marked out, with the assist of black mineral. The entire arrangement of the Mosque has eye-catching inscription, quotations from scriptures, and the name of Allah, wonderfully inscribed.


On the eastern surface of the Taj Mahal, an equivalent arrangement stands, which is also made of red sandstone, is habitually called the Jawab and is said to be lookalike of Mosque. It was on no account used for prayer, as it does not face Mecca. The subsistence of the Jawab has forever, been slightly of a conundrum. Perhaps, it was used as sleeping domicile for pilgrims or as gathering foyer for the accurate, prior to they could proceed to implore. More commonsensical is the premise that its purpose was entirely architectural that is to steadiness, the Mosque and protector the equilibrium of the complete devise on the base.

The Jawab is alike to the Mosque but it does not have the good-looking accompaniments that are there in the mosque. However, as another to Kuranic inscriptions, there are eye-catching flower patterns and other decorations, fruitfully done in white marble, which has a environment of red granite. Between the structure and the burial chamber on the floor, there is a full size imitation of the height, which adorns the Taj Mahal. This helps to give thought of the authentic proportions of the peak, which appears to be a minute thing from underneath.

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