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Peshawri Restaurant


This is the sister restaurant of Bukhara Restaurant in Delhi. This restaurant is located in Sheraton Hotel in Agra and the indian cuisine is very good and fresh so tourists and local people should not miss.

Only Restaurant


Only is the name of this restaurant and it seems that the owner is very proud of this restaurant. No doubt, this restaurant is very famous and it is located in the centre of Agra near East Gate of Taj. The dishes are fresh and innovative.

Motel Gangaur

It provides nice services to the customers. The food quality is good and the services certainly add value to the whole restaurant. The desserts are particularly well so many tourists would not mind spending a little bit more amount of money in order to enjoy the top dishes.

Bikanervala Restaurant


Many tourists are surprised by the quality of food from this restaurant. in this place, there would not be indian dishes only. instead, there are Chinese dishes, Continental dishes, etc. Of course, the indian dishes, particularly the snacks, are very tasty.

Yash Café 

For people who wish to pursue a relaxing moment in Agra, this can be a good place to visit. The food was quite good but the price of the foods and drinks are not high. For people travelling to Agra with budget, this can be a good place for them to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Dasaprakash Restaurant

 If people wish to have a beautiful or romantic place for a meal in Agra, this would be the right place that they can visit. The services provided by very caring. They would ask you about whether you want to try spicy. Therefore, you do not need to worry that you cannot try the food because they are spicy.

Pinch of Spice Fatehabad Restaurant: Friendly services together with convenient location from the center of Agra is the key for this restaurant to be the favorite.

RR restaurant

There are words and graphs showing the history of india on the walls of this restaurant. Together with good food and nice price, this restaurant is welcomed by many tourists.


 This is one of the few restaurants in Agra which would serve both Chinese and indian food. For people who wish to try something apart from indian cuisine, this is a nice place.

Ratandeep Hotel

The restaurant inside is very stylish and beautifully decorated. The lamb kebab is the most famous dish that people enjoy from this restaurant so you can also try.

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