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The Mughals followed the Islamic religion, therefore swear of Allah can be seen on the Taj Mahal’s main entrance’ doorway, as written in Koran. The doorway symbolizes the gate that Mohammed used to enter Paradise, which is a point of change between the land of the spirit and the world of the senses.

During the Mughal period, descriptions of Paradise were widespread in art and literature. This is the reason; every physical aspect of the Taj Mahal seems to converse emblematically, to a planetary replica of the gardens of Paradise, as it will be when the Day of renaissance will rise. This can be seen from the mausoleum which is standing like the judgment throne, at the ground’s end instead customary positioning in the middle of a four-part garden. Further, the grounds measuring forty-two acres are separated by four waterways, which symbolize the four rivers present in Paradise as explained in the Koran while the red sandstone walls crowned with towers and gazebos, act as the borders of Paradise.

Shobita Punja, an art historian has said that when one enters through the entrance, the Taj looks small as it is framed within the gateway but as one goes nearer, its magnificence just overwhelms. into the sky, the dome hovers at 250 feet and its neatness and size are faultless while, the subtle deviation in the veined marble makes alteration in color with each feel of the heavens.

When a woman dies during childbirth, according to Islamic tradition, she is equal to a martyr and her memorial can be consider as a place of pilgrimage. From both sides of the Taj Mahal, two-arrangements face it including a mosque on the west and its copy, a rest house situated on east. The rest house was possibly constructed to offer proportion and equilibrium for that mosque and to offer shelter to the faithful people, who came to pay respect to Mumtaz Mahal.

Art historian, Milo Beach has said that the Taj, as an incident, is purely an incredible construction. He added that the artistry, effect, landscape, proportion, and the effects of light dancing over the white marble surface of the Taj Mahal, all are amazing from each angle. Further, he stated that the Taj Mahal is a structure of astonishing physical balance and a magnificently crafted building.

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