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Vrindavan holds image of holy place in mind of Hindus. This sacred town has seen Lord Krishna grow up and is not one of the pilgrimages in India. It is located around 60 Kms from Delhi and 15 Kms from Mathura. This place hosts over 4000 temples of which most are dedicated to beloved Lord Krishna.

Vrindavan has strong connection to the times of Lord Krishna and has largest number of temples in Braj region. Most of them has history stretching long back in time and thus can be categorized as old temples. in the times of Krishna, this very place was covered with thick forest that has vanished with time. For traditions like Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Vaishnavisma and Hinduism, this place is sacred, thanks to lots of temples telling romantic stories of Lord Krishna and Radha.

Vrindavan is famous for naughty stories of Lord Krishna’s adolescence age. It tells us about Lord Krishna’s naughty activities with milk maids like flirting or stealing their attires while bathing and more. These stories also include childhood pranks of Lord Krishna with his siblings and friends where they steal butter from houses. It also shares bravery shown by Lord Krishna and his friends while flirting with demons. Some stories tell about Lord Krishna meeting Radha in Vrindavan.

These past has made Vrindavan beloved to residents with its richness of temples adding to its popularity. Apart from other temples, its Gobind Dev temple that is most attractive, thanks to massive red stone that is used as its building material. Its name is a Hindi word that translates “Sacred Cowherd” or Krishna. It is one of the most beautifully build temples in Northern india. Raja Man Singh of Amber built this architectural wonder in 1590 to display its dedication towards Lord Krishna. Other temples in Vrindavan includes Madan Mohan Temple and Banke Bahiri Temple (Both built in 1864) and Radha Vallabh Temple, Shah Ji Temple and Ranga Ji Temple (built in 1851).

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