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Indians are always been enthralled by their own civilization and always finds an occasion to discover it. Each state has its own ancient, contemporary and medieval heritage. Rajsthan is one of the states in India which has huge history and heritage. It is located amidst the great Thar Desert. Rajsthan is visited by people all around the world.

Pushkar is a sacred place in Rajasthan which is devoted to Lord Brahma. It is also the only place in the whole world which has a temple where Lord Brahma is worshiped and thus it is visited by the people all across the globe. The small town of Pushkar is also known for the Pushkar fair which is held during the months of November every year. This place has got its own magnificent charm which compels the people to come over to this town over and over again. It is located amidst the hills bounded on three side and desert on the other side which offers a splendid view to the travelers.

There is no such restriction on who should visit this place. Pushkar is a place where everybody will find something for themselves. While kids will love the fair and all the buzz which is seen during the fair, adults will love seeing people coming together just to celebrate something.

Pushkar is well connected by roads, rails and airs and is occupied by tourist all through the year. This holy place offers ecstasy to person of all the age groups and provides a splendid time to spend some good times with near and loved ones. The Pushkar temple is adorned with vivid colors and lightning in the month of Karthik according to the Hindu calendar.  One can come across hermits, sages, people of old age group and various other tourists from all parts of the world. These people can be found all over the town as in the markets or busy worshiping in the temples, and taking dips in the water of the Lake at various Ghats.

The tourist can also purchase various other things like home decoration items, handicraft pieces, colorful bangles, jewelry, miniature paintings, metal, leather, wood, showpieces made of brass and many others in the fair.

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